Marina life in Finike


Umit helps with the most

Thank you very much, Umit; for your nice comments to our web site. Umit is a part of the marina administration. He help and take care of our papers, checking in by the cusoms, imigration etc. Also responible for info concerning the «Port hole club`s» acitivities, like cinema evenings and other events. I still have a pray. Please do something with the Wi-Fi system. It is still very often difficult to connect. And when is connected, the speed is to slow.

Arriving into Finke, it`s allways help from the marina staff. They help you with the mooring, gives you a push, if needed, and help with the tie up ropes.


Here ready to enter onboard with the mooring


Mooring fixed


Gives a push, when needed


Takes the ropes ashore, Reverse, reverse, reverse

Thank you for a great service.

A part of the Porthole club is the animal care. Sandra has taken the responsibilit here and given a lot of animals a better life here in the marina aeria. Sterilisation and other care to bring the animals to vet. Obvious this cost money. Sandra is arranging, everything from bar-evenings, second hand, book sales and other articles given away from sailors. The profit of all these activities, goes dircet to animal care.


Sandra behind the bar


Everything from books to paintings


Some of the consumers

Thank you , Sandra, for doing a fantastic job.

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